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We are selling transfer papers from The Magic Touch, whom has been in business for over twenty years. The Magic Touch is leading the progress within the area of transfers and transfer technology and is constantly working on developing new and improved techniques and methods. The partnership with OKI has resulted in the laser printer OKI C7411WT with which you can not only print CMYK, but also white.

The Magic Touch enables you to print your design in full colour range on almost any surface imagineable. The process is quick and easy, and you might as well make a single print as a hundred, which makes it the perfect method for printing small batches or for customized work.


As with every other product it's important to differentiate between products for hobbyists and home crafters and products for proffessionals. The Magic Touch delivers transfer papers meant for production of a wide variety of products. Transfer paper has the unique quality that it may be used with almost anything. There are few limitations for what you are able to print on. The important part is making sure you've got the right paper for your product and carefully follow the instructions. If you do, the transfers will not come off or fade from your garments or printed products.


What will I need to create transfers?

The transfer papers from The Magic Touch are made for use with a colour laser printer. Thanks to the collaboration with OKI the papers and the software "Space Control" is tailor made for their printers. Of course you can also use other printers. The main concern is that it should print within the right temperature range, not too hot or cold to get an optimal result.

For some of the papers you would also need a heat press that has enough pressure to create the transfers before heat pressing it onto your substrate. Therefore we recommend that you use the laser printers and presses that are approved by The Magic Touch for use with their transfer papers.

Laser printers Heat presses 

Check your printer for compability with The Magic Touch transfers.


Transfers for dark and coloured fabrics


WoW is tailor made for use with the laser printer OKI C7411WT with a white toner, and has the patented ability that you don't have to remove the unprinted area with traditional cutting. The transfer paper is ultra thin and in combination with an airy design the end result is truly impressive!

Thanks to the low temperature needed, WoW is suitable for a variety of different textiles; banners, bunting, pillows, sheets, tissues, umbrellas, sports wear, jerseys etc.



OBM is a very thin transfer film that is appropriate for more compact, not so airy, designs. OBM works well with plotter contour cutting or can easily be cut using a paper trimmer or giljotine. Since the film is white it is useable on both dark, coloured and light fabrics.

TheMagicTouch TMT170104nv
from 1 444 kr

Transfers for light fabrics


As with WoW, you don't have to contour cut your designs made with T.One, just print your design and use the heat press to transfer it. To make it durable for washing you need to seal it with NRP (T.Seal). 



TTC ia a very thin transparant transfer paper with a soft surface finish, made for white and light coloured fabrics. Since it's transparant the colour of the fabric shows through, which is why TTC is not suitable for darker fabrics. There's also no need for contour cutting since it's transparant. TTC can be washed in 60ºC.

TTC is available in two versions; TTC and TTC+. TTC+ has the same abilities as regular TTC, but for coarser fabrics like sweatshirt, canvas and piké it gives a much better result. 

TheMagicTouch TMT130305v
from 1 059 kr
TheMagicTouch TMT130108
from 1 059 kr

NRP release paper


This release paper is used in the final stage of applying your transfer. NRP (or T.Seal, which is the same thing) is used toghether with OBM, T.One, T.Foil and WOW. It seals the surface of your transfer and makes your garments washable. The NRP sheets are reusable and can be used several times before they wear out.

TheMagicTouch TMT150314
from 520 kr

Transfers for hard surfaces


CPM transfer paper works on most materials with the exception of fabrics. You can use CPM on (among other things) leather, glass, metal, books, plastic... There are a lot of uses for these transfer papers. CPM is also very flexible when it comes to temperature, pressure and time, so you can experiment with your substrate until you find the settings that works best for you.

TheMagicTouch TMT160205v
from 1 059 kr

Transfer without the use of a heat press


For surfaces that don't fit in a heat press or can't take the heat, like candles, there's the DCT transfer paper. It's a waterslide decal transfer that you apply to your substrate using water. Just print your design and put it in water until the decal just slides off the backing paper (approx. 30sec). Then place your design where you want it, taking care to press out any excess water and then let it sit for a few hours until completely dry.

DCT works with hard surfaces, like glass, wine bottles, candles, thermoses, phone cases...

TheMagicTouch DCT Waterdecals
from 1 059 kr

Other transfer papers

Temporary TATTOO

Create you own temporary tattoos for birthdays, events and other festivities. It's as simple as printing, cover your prints with the transfer sheets, place your design on the skin and dab with water. When removing the backing paper your design will stick to the skin. 


CL Media

CL Media is a series of printable vinyl sticker sheets that is printed with a colour laser printer. They are available in white or clear and glossy, matt or a satin finish. The adhesive is permanent and they are great for making window decals or stickers of all kinds.

TheMagicTouch TMT110106
1 059 kr
TheMagicTouch CL Media
from 1 190 kr

Practical extras

Different mats for manufacturing of different types of transfers and klichées. The mats are also preventing scratches and helps protect your heat press over time.

TheMagicTouch TMT900005
3 500 kr
TheMagicTouch TMT29020
1 200 kr
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